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Graphic Design & Production


Call me crazy - I love graphic design and production. To be able to produce marketing materials for any brand feels really good, and figuring out the best way to design flyers, posters even a BC all the while following an existing brand is where I shine. Posters, BC, Flyers, custom Mailers, outdoor signage, vector based artwork for apparel, conversion of pixel to vector logos, labels and packaging are just a few of the types of projects I work on here at Graphic Alchemy.

Accountability is a main value of Graphic Alchemy and I live this everyday.

What is the difference?

Graphic design is all about conceptually thinking on behalf of a brand, and as a designer I combine illustrations, photographs, and type in order to communicate an idea.

Graphic production has a lot of the same aspects as graphic design. When focusing on production it is all about following an existing brand that is established and producing collateral while following a brand. Usually it consists of working with a Creative Director or Art Director - this is where things start to gel.

Production is about getting the end results as efficiently as possible all while creating the best product for clients.


Pre-press & Print Ready Files

Pre-press print production

Pre-press production and print ready files

Designers, printers, agencies and marketing departments need help sometimes too, and with over 20 years of print production under my belt you can depend on me.

Time is not your friend when it comes to print deadlines

What happens when you are on a crazy deadline and need those files to the printer but you are still actually designing on the fly? Call Graphic Alchemy!

I can help you meet those deadlines. Agility and accountability are cornerstone to how Graphic Alchemy works. I know how to talk to printers, what questions to ask and then prep your files accordingly. Printers love me and I take pride creating the ease you need when those deadlines are looming.

Checking all the details, asking all the right questions and helping to relieve the pressure so you can do what you do best–running your company, and getting sales. It’s always the end result that counts and let me help you navigate that sometimes challenging print process!