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When you need help…

Have a question about print? Do you have a Vista print BC file and now you want to make it into a flyer, poster or just need it in a Word document. What about company forms and documents in Word or need a PowerPoint for a big presentation – let’s talk.

On-site training in also an option, I have expert knowledge of the Adobe CC Print Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat are the core pieces of software that I play in everyday. And, I’m pretty good using MS Office and PowerPoint too.

Building templates for your business is critical when it comes to effective branding, I can help with all those MS Word forms, reports and sales sheets to create consistency for you and your team to use. PowerPoint can cause a lot of frustration when building out a presentation, master pages are my friend and setting these up so you look good is what its all about.

Adobe Acrobat Forms are really great way to keep your brand consistent and send your forms via email without everything changing when your client opens up the file. Acrobat forms helps you collect information from your staff or clients.