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I CAN SUPPORT YOU IN BOTH THE PRINT AND DIGITAL SPACES. At Graphic Alchemy I be believe that with all this technology that there is a gap in knowledge around what it takes to produce great print or digital products effectively and efficiently.

Ink on paper is becoming an art and without knowledge on what happens when ink hits paper your product may not look the best.

With a get it done kinda person, I always look for a solution first. If you need anything brand related Graphic Alchemy is your solution. From design and production of traditional print materials I’ve done it all before (okay almost all), to digital collateral – I can help you with both print and digital/web spaces that affect your business.

I am a print specialist and the smell of ink on paper still brings a warm and fuzzy feeling. Don’t get me wrong I know digital and having a person in your corner that understands how to produce print and digital materials will save you time and costs in the end.

IT ALL STARTED WHEN… At Graphic Alchemy I know a lot about print and lots about ink on paper. I can convert just about anything from the web/digital space to look pretty once it is printed. As the founder of Graphic Alchemy I have been in the print industry for over 20 years and began to realize that print is becoming a niche. A niche I understand very well and combine that with an understanding of web – a powerful base of knowledge that will help save you money in the long run.

With everything online and how quickly things can change in the digital world print is looked at as secondary in marketing and business. I believe that print knowledge is a lost consideration in most businesses and with the chance of costly mistakes knowing the rules is a great investment.


At Graphic Alchemy I am are committed to helping all businesses in both the print and digital worlds. When we start to work together I will ask all kinds of questions in order to get to know what you do and where you want to go with your business.

Together we figure what is the best process, software and design for your marketing needs. Are you a brick and mortar business and need to have signage, packaging and trade show collateral? Then you need to get your website online easily and have something that is simple to use and not lock into monthly maintenance fees. I love creating great marketing materials for new and existing brands then teach you how to do things yourself. If thinking about updating your website makes your head hurt then I can accommodate you with that support also.

Check out my services and see how I can help you.